Taizhou Xinlianhe Environmental Protection Tech Co., Ltd. is located in Chengjiang Town, Huangyan, Taizhou City, the coastal city of China’s mold town.

Founded in 2001, the company was formerly known as Huangyan Lianhe Plastic Factory. Since 2015, it has officially changed its name to Taizhou Xinlianhe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. The company is an export-oriented enterprise that independently develops bio-environmental materials and processing technology, and produces and sells services. The company’s existing plant use area of 25,000 square meters, more than 400 employees, the annual output value has exceeded RMB 80 million.

The company’s products are mainly based on natural bamboo fiber, using a plastic molding and post-cure press molding process to produce environmentally friendly and degradable new tableware. The raw materials of the products are prepared from various bio-based components such as bamboo fiber, corn flour, high-density resin and paper pulp. The company has obtained << a preparation method of tableware containing bamboo fiber>> invention patent (patent number: ZL 2011 1 0107538.9), 31 new and shape patents, and was awarded provincial-level science and technology enterprise by Zhejiang Province (certificate number: 20153310000043 ), municipal high-tech research center (certificate number: TZYFZX2015022). Based on years of bamboo fiber research and development and production application technology, the company has established the enterprise standard for bamboo fiber tableware production (Q/XLH1-2016), and laid a solid foundation for the process standard of bamboo fiber environmental protection material products industry. The company operates in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality management system. At present, all products produced by the company have passed the US FDA “Food Contact Materials and Cosmetics Testing”, Germany: LFGB “Food and Commodity Law”, China GB4806.7–2016 “Food Safety National Standard Food Contact Plastic Materials and Products” And other relevant strict standard tests.

In order to continuously develop the market and produce high quality products, the company continues to introduce advanced production equipment and superb technology. The company has R & D department, marketing department, production department, inspection department and other related supporting departments, and the company is also equipped with laboratories and professional process technicians. The company attaches great importance to the research and development of materials and processes, and holds weekly R&D meetings to encourage and support employees and cadres to participate in R&D and innovation. In order to produce high-end high-quality products, the wiping process adopts advanced automatic baking line, grinding process using advanced automatic grinding machine process edging, dust-free cleaning using degradable tableware automatic ultrasonic line. In order to prevent mildew of bamboo fiber products, the surface of the product is also treated with grease. The quality control of the entire production process is inspected in accordance with IQC, SQC and IPQC inspection standards, and then finished packaging in strict accordance with QA inspection standards.

The company has established a safe and perfect meal supply for the staff’s life planning. It is also equipped with a variety of entertainment rooms such as cinemas, ktv private rooms, billiards, table tennis, etc. to enrich the staff’s spare time. The company upholds “quality, management” is life; “innovation, environmental protection” is the new joint idea of ​​the soul, constantly fighting and enterprising, calmly facing fierce market competition. In 2017, the company’s senior management made a major decision, and plans to complete the shareholding system reform by the end of 2018. In 2019, it was listed on the new third edition. In order to achieve the goal, the company has made innovation and environmental protection the driving force for the growth of the company, and established a new subsidiary to re-create a new research and development project to expand the environmental protection of bamboo fiber to the comprehensive development and utilization of agricultural waste. Research and development of more advanced preparation processes to achieve the reuse of agricultural waste such as straw, chaff, and husk, and research and development has progressed to the stage of filing 2 invention patents and 8 practical new patents.

Xinlianhe is committed to creating environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly products to maintain people’s high quality experience of daily necessities and the pursuit of a better living environment. We are willing to work together with you to create a better future!

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